Backyard Progress

Well for the past month we (mainly Cress) have been doing quite a bit of work in our back yard.  We have a large back patio and screened in porch that had some pretty ugly carpet on it.  As a matter of fact, it was lime green, bright yellow and orange stripped.  Needless to say it wasn’t really fitting into my design scheme, so we ripped it up.  Originally we wanted to just paint the patio after the carpet was removed but the mess that was left behind was too much of a force to reckon with.  So we just decided to re-carpet it and keep it easy.

We also removed all the old screens and installed new screens.  Hopefully these will withhold the mutts.  In addition to all that work we put in 2 flagstone patios and 1 flagstone retaining wall.  So here are some pictures of that progress.  Unfortunately I don’t think I have any before pictures, but I am sure you can get the idea.

Now there is still a lot to do to call this a finished product:

  • The grass is in the process of growing
  • Trim out the patio where the screens were removed
  • Spray paint all the outdoor furniture
  • Touch up all trim paint
  • Landscape around the AC unit
  • and more I am sure…so stay tuned for more pictures.

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