Well I’ve always had a knack for having an idea, mainly about finding a way to make something look better or make something easier.  If I was a blog post I think I would be tagged as “dreamer, creative, optimist, idea, believer”, which one would be the biggest in my word cloud is debatable.  I’m originally from Springfield, Illinois, the great Midwest, the pumpkin capital of the world, aka America’s Breadbasket.  Hey we might not have mountains or an ocean to look at, but we still got something.  Like I said “optimist”.  I graduated from the University of South Carolina-Aiken with a Bachelor of Fine Arts – majoring in Graphic Design and minoring in Photography.  10dZYNE was born in 2000 to help bring all my creative ideas to life.  I successfully have over 12 years of professional experience, which results you top quality results every time.  10dZYNE provides a wide range of design and marketing services, from graphic design to web design, marketing tactics to social media implementation. I enjoy being challenged to learn something new everyday and produce only the best that I can.

Turning Creative Ideas into Finished Products

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