The Forget-Me-Not App for iPhone

A few months ago launched a new app for the iPhone. We are super excited about it and wanted to get the word out. Simply put the app helps remind you of errands you have to run while you are out and about. It is titled the Forget-Me-Not-App.

To break it down even more the Forget-Me-Not-App was created out of necessity by a busy mother of soon to be three with too many things to do. It gently reminders the user of all those pesky errands and tasks that need to get done by sending a pop-up to your phone when you are close to the location of the errand that needs to be completed. With this app there is no need for another cute little notebook to fill up your already overflowing handbag.

Ladies, although there are some cute notebooks out there – Don’t get suckered into buying another one! you know darn well that your keys are hard enough to find in that black hole. Use this app to help you get accomplish more on your ever-present TO DO list!

Guys! Think about it, you can stop the nagging! You’ll be on her good list from here on out because you’ll never again forget about your “honey-do” list!

How it works:

  1. Plug in an errand location by accessing the map
  2. Click the “ADD LOCATION” button at the bottom of the screen
  3. Type in your location with city and state into the search field. *Note:  You only have to type in the City and State on the first location to set your area.
  4.  Select your location from the red pin-dots provided by Google Maps.
    *Note: You have the option to rename your location at this time.  So if there are various locations for your place of business, you can be more specific in your naming.
  5. Then press the “Add Location” button below the address.
  6. You will then be prompted to create a new task.  Which you can say yes to move forward to creating your errand to run to that location.  Or you can say no to add more locations to your database.
  7. If you selected “YES”, you will be taken to the Tasks tab.  Fill out the “New Task” accordingly.
  8. When you click on location a scrolling menu will appear that will keep all your locations in alphabetical order for you to choose from.  Select your task location and hit “CLOSE”.
  9. You can be more specific with your task in your Notes section.  For instance if you need to pick up a certain amount of or measurement of something you can enter it here.
  10. Select your due date
  11. Insert your Miles.  What this means is you’re setting the vicinity around your errand for when you want your pop up to appear and remind you of your errand. For example, if you set it for 1.5 miles.  You will have a pop-up appear on your phone when you are within 1.5 miles of your location.  
  12. The “Send To” field is if you want to send to a friend or family member who also has the Forget-Me-Not-App.  This task will appear on their list and not on yours.  This is a great feature to send an errand to someone else to help you out with something or remind them of something that they wanted to get done.
  13. Once you have you New Task filled out, select “Done” to put the keyboard away and then select “save” to add your task to your list.  A pop-up should notify you that your task was successfully saved and the app should revert backto the map view and show your new task with a purple pin-dot.  Your location is shown by a blue pin-dot.

Helpful hints: 

  • Want to invite a friend to Forget-Me-Not-App?  Select the settings tab on your app and you can enter their name and email address and a link will be sent to them to join in.
  • Keep in mind the map is powered by Google Maps not the app, so if you can’t find a certain business or place in your location search it is out of Forget-Me-Not-App’s control to add it.
  • You may want to play with your Miles/Vicinity setting to find out which mileage setting works best for you.  Your city size might have a lot to do with it, how often you actually drive within a certain area of a location, and more.
  • We are always looking for ways to improve this tool.  So if you have an idea, please let us know



Thanks so much for your interest!